About Lifi

LiFi Technology

LiFi is a wireless technology that holds the key to solving challenges faced by WiFi and 5G. LiFi is fast, more reliable, virtually interference free and uniquely more secure than other wireless communications technologies.

What is LiFi & How Does it Work?

LiFi is a mobile wireless communications technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. LiFi is fully networked, and mobile. The experience of using LiFi is similar to WiFi but offers a range of advantages. Similar to other wireless communications technologies, LiFi can be used in a variety of applications such as internet access, phone-2-phone or phone-to-TV communications or in emerging use cases such as extended or mixed reality.


LiFi is wireless communications that provide military-grade security by default. Light does not penetrate walls or leak through material such as canvas or curtains therefore can be contained in a space eliminating the ability for man-in-the-middle attacks outside a cone of coverage or room. LiFi provides users with the privacy and security that all modern personal and professional networks require.

Real World Performance

Radio frequency (RF) technologies such as WiFi suffer from common pitfalls such as interference, congestion and multi-user degradation. This is why users often do not experience consistent performance or advertised speeds. LiFi overcomes these pitfalls by providing high bandwidth wireless communications that offer full consistent and reliable connections and do not suffer from interference, congestion and multiuser degradation.



LiFi Ecosystem

pureLiFi plays a role in the development of the LiFi ecosystem and has been instrumental in the creation of global standards and industry alliances.

Global Light Communications Standard 802.11bb

As chair of iEEE 802.11bb Task Group pureLiFi helped set the objective is to extend 802.11 to include the light medium. Since the launch of the Task Group in 2019 the developing standard gained international support and in 2023 has become a fully ratified global standard for Light Communications.

Light Communications Alliance

As founding members of the Light Communications Alliance, pureLiFi have played a key role in bringing together a global community of industry leaders, researchers, and innovators who believe in the power of light communication to transform the way we connect and communicate.